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Allow me to save you time with chef-prepared, weekly dinner services!  Great For vegans



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Why Choose Gorgeous Green Chef ?

Time saving, delicious meals, with professional services

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I believe that every client is unique and different, which is why I create custom menus designed for each individual's or family's preference. My menus are detailed with ingredients listed for each meal. Clients who use my services weekly are always given new menu items and never have to worry about eating the same tired meals week after week. 

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Moms and dads using Gorgeous Green Chef personal chef services can rest easy knowing that their kids will always be provided with healthy meal selections that are balanced, and tailored towards their kids eating preferences. I take creative and simple approaches to create menus for kids that will help them enjoy their meals while eating more fruits and vegetables. 

Diet Banana
  • Keto

  • Paleo

  • Gluten Free

  • Low Carb

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Raw Vegan

  • Diabetes

  • High Cholesterol

  • Weight loss

One of the Many benefits of using my services is that I have experience successfully creating menus tailored towards clients with special dietary restrictions. I have spent  many hours training, and working with nutritionist to learn about healthy cooking techniques and combining foods that aid in health and recovery. My personal chef services will help keep you and your family on a healthy path. 

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During Covid-19 I am taking precautions to make sure we operate safely.  This means constant hand washing, sanitizing, wearing protective gear such as gloves, face mask, and practicing social distancing during services. 

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No one can predict the future and I value the safety of my clients and my team. Gorgeous Green Chef is licensed and insured.


Personal Chef Services


My service fee is $60 per hour. This does not include menu cost or travel. Book this service for private dinners, birthday celebrations, anniversary dinners, or cooking services for 10 guest or fewer. Bookings are confirmed on a first come basis and dates are only held after deposits are confirmed. 3 hour minimum

Weekly Dinner Services

How It Works

STEP 1: Gorgeous Green Chef weekly dinner meal services start with an initial consultation for all of my clients. This consultation will determine each family's food preferences and allow me to create custom menus using seasonal, fresh, and local ingredients.


STEP 2: Once your menu is confirmed, I will visit your home between the hours of 8 am being the earliest and 6 pm being the latest to cook your meals. Tell me the best time that works for you (Monday through Friday). Choose to have your meals fully cooked, pre-cooked, or prepped and stored for you to cook at a later time.  

STEP 3: My day starts off with shopping for the freshest ingredients to prepare in your kitchen. After your meals are prepared, I will label and store your meals with re-heating instructions. I will always leave your kitchen clean and filled with mouth-watering aromas. This service saves you time from planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. Most of all, you can have some of your favorite meals cooked for you without having to leave the comfort of your home.


*Weekly meal services pricing does not include the cost of groceries, travel fee or taxes. Billed separately 

Weekly meals include (5) dinner entrees & a mix of (3)  appetizers, snacks, soups or salads per week

Family Size






2 home visits

        + travel fee & cost of groceries

 + travel fee & cost of groceries

 + travel fee & cost of groceries

 + travel fee & cost of groceries

 + travel fee & cost of groceries

Service Fee

$ 310

$ 460

$ 560

$ 796

$ 960

*If you would like daily meal-prep dinner services, a $60 per hour service fee plus the cost of travel and groceries are billed daily


  •  A clean kitchen space with access to meal prep containers is required to begin service. A $200.00 surcharge will be applied to all invoices if your kitchen needs to be cleaned (dirty dishes, countertops, stove tops, floor, etc) upon arrival. The chef is responsible for cleaning up after cooking, not before. Please make sure there is adequate refrigeration space to store meals once they have been cooked and packaged for storage. If there is no space for your meals to be stored, they will be left on your countertop after service is complete. I will not clean out customers refrigerators to accommodate meal storage. Cleaning your kitchen upon arrival takes time away from meal prep and delays the appointments of other clients, as well as cleaning out your refrigeration. If you need those services, you can opt-in to pay the $200.00 surcharge upon each visit. 

  •  One portion per person paid for will be the portion size of meals whether stored individually or family style. Customers that need more than one portion per person will need to adjust the family size they are paying for to receive extra portions of food. I will not accommodate cooking meals with enough for left overs, this takes up more time and customers will usually have too much food that they will not eat. 

  • A late fee of $50 will be applied to invoices if payment for groceries are not received by the next day after service. Continued late payments will result in denial of services. Payment for services are due upon receipt of invoices 24 hrs before service begins. 

  • Refunds will not be offered for cancellation of services less than 24 hours. Your booking will be rescheduled. 

  • Payment of invoices confirms your agreement and understanding to these stipulations of services. 


vegan sandwich
indian lentil dhal
herb roasted carrots
stuffed poblano peppers
indian biryani
twice stuffed butternut squash
asparagus gremolata
thai vegan noodles
italian polenta and tomato
indian rice dish
zucchini fritters
healthy vegan fruit salad


vegetarian prep
indian meal prep
vegetarian fried rice
vegetable fried rice
banana bread
pad thai
quinoa salad
persian salad
carrot cake
pan fried cabbage

Meat & Seafood

grilled pork chops
sesame chicken
tilapia parmesan
hawaiian pork
dairy free meal prep
blackened salmon
mediterranean meatballs
greek chicken salad
persian chicken
spaghetti & meatballs
herb roasted chicken

"Living Life The Green Way"


"Living Life The Green Way"

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