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How it all started......

Chef Nichole was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. In 2012 she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts College with a degree in culinary arts. Nichole began her journey as a chef from humble beginnings working as a dishwasher and patiently working her way up the ranks within hotels, country clubs, casual and fine dining establishments. 

In 2015 she began her career as a private chef working with some of Atlanta's prominent and influential residents. As a private chef, she was able to gain knowledge and experience with creating specialty menus for various diet types, and health conditions such as cancers, diabetes, keto, and plant-based cooking, which allowed her to successfully prepare meals that aided in restoring health and keeping her employers and their families healthy.  

With over a decade of experience in the commercial and private culinary industry in 2020, Nichole started Gorgeous Green Chef. A personal chef and catering service that offers healthy, gourmet meal prep and unique catering services for everyone seeking professional services. Gorgeous Green Chef has something for everyone. Chef Nichole looks forward to expanding her catering services while offering tasteful solutions to the meal prep service industry in the near future. 

Chef S. Nichole

Green has many positive symbolisms. The green light means go, the leaves turn green during spring when there is renewal and growth. I believe that no matter what we face we must be bold enough to go for our dreams. This is the story of my life, to go & to grow".


- Chef Nichole 

salmon with vegetables on black

Making a difference......

Being a vessel for service to those who are less fortunate has always been one of chef  Nichole's passions. In her spare time, she enjoys serving meals to those in need and teaching kids about the importance of healthy eating habits. Many kids that grow up in poverty and low-income neighborhoods do not have a proper understanding of health and nutrition or how it plays a vital role in early childhood development stages. Chef  Nichole enjoys volunteering time and resources to help teach children healthy cooking techniques that they can use and grow with over time. 

gorgeous green chef
gorgeous green chef

Eddie J. White Academy Ms. Wyre's  2nd Grade Class

How to make Tuna Salad with Chef Nichole

gorgeous green chef

Always remember the people who need a helping hand. Food is a universal love language, 

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